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Wanted Distributors

S-Prodis & ESEMM Products

Wa are one of the Manufacturing Simulation Software companies in Korea.

We are looking for Distributors in worldwide.

If you interested in Agency of our products , please contact us.

Our target market is Industrial manufacturing and Educational market.


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- Contact Person : Richard Kuwabara

- Email   :

- TEL   : 82-32-623-0900 (204), 82-10-8783-4639(Mobile)

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Our Products

    1. S-Prodis IN (Manufacturing Simulation)

         S-Prodis Simulation Movie =>

         S-Prodis Presentation Movie =>

    2. S-Prodis ED (Educational Version)

         S-Prodis Simulation Movie =>

    3. ESEMM(Educational kit for PLC programming)

         ESEMM Youtube Movie =>

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