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Consulting Service

Overview of consulting service  


★Analyzing and improving problems at the production site through simulation

ESE technology visualizes various problems being latent in the production system and suggests an improvement using simulation tool specialized in the production line or production system. For this purpose, we first build a virtual production system of customer’s production line and production system. And we analyze customer’s production system by conducting simulation in various conditions to meet consulting purpose. We derive various problems existing in the production system through this, and verify it in simulation by proposing alternatives.

This is differentiated from existing consulting service which proposed problems and improvements theoretically only.

Content of consulting services

 Provides consulting services specialized in production management or system building in production line, production system.

◆Decreases product inventory, and intermediate stock     

◆Responds to planed power interruption and increased production     

◆Improves lead time, cycle time     

◆Effective in dispatching worker     

◆Device arrangement layout     

◆Process design and productivity     

◆Utilization of facilities     

◆Delivery and scheduling     

◆Proximity analysis of equipment     

◆Logistics analysis     

◆Line balancing analysis     

◆Bottleneck analysis     

◆Appropriate buffer analysis


Consulting service flow

 Flow of process of production consulting is conducted in following sequence

1. Hearing

=> Receiving consulting details, explaining consulting service   

2. 2. Proposing and reviewing consulting service

 => Propose and quote for scope, target, duration, etc. of consulting

3. 3. Contracting consulting service  

 => Concluding contract

4. 4. Simulation of production system 

 => Analyze customer’s production system and conducting simulation

5. 5. Identifying problems

 => Identifying problems by analyzing simulation result

6. 6. Deriving and verifying improvements  

 => Deriving improvements for problems and verifying simulation.

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