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Consulting Service Examples

Consulting Example 1

Conducted consulting for part assembling and packing line of the car parts factory. Improved productivity by improving worker’s ineffective work.




Overview of simulation

① Product  : A、B

② Worker : Work time 8:00 ~ 12:00 , 13:00 ~ 17:00, one worker per one line

③ Amount n  : A, B eache 700 ea

④ Process : Deposition→Assembly→Inspection→ Package


Identifying present status and improving by simulation

① Working efficiency of workers

&nbspFor workers’ work efficiency, workers’ work efficiency during the working hour is about 50%



② Improved workers’ work efficiency

    Workers’ work efficiency: Workers’ work efficiency in the working hour → About 80%




 Identified present workers work efficiency through simulation.In that simulation, workers’ work efficiency is about 50% and it is not so high therefore improved process. Improved by checking work processes and moving time, etc. by simulation, as that result, workers’ work efficiency was improved to 80% therefore about 30% was improved comparing with before.

Consulting Example 2


Conducted consulting for pharmaceutical manufacturing line of pharmaceutical process. The purpose of consulting was to identify proper number of racks of storage warehouse and intermediate warehouse.




Overview of simulation

① Product : All 6 kinds of products (A product ~ F product)

② Amount : 100 boxes/month per each A product ~ C product, 200 boxes/month per D product, 500 boxes/month per each E product ~ F product.

③ Process : Input materials → Opening of packing of materials → Production →Inspection → Charging → Packing →Shipping

④ Input and output timing: Receiving raw materials (Daily), shipping products (2~3 times weekly)


Identifying maximum number of storage in each warehouse

 ① Inventory status in intermediate warehouse   

Total stock in the intermediate warehouse varied much due to mixture of incoming timing and outgoing timing. However, as a result of simulation, we could find that maximum 400 racks were sufficient as shown in the figure. The stock variation according to the time showed increase of maximum 50 racks.


② Storage stock status of products

③ Products are stored in the product warehouse before shipment. Products are produced and warehoused every day however shipment is 2~3 times weekly and it is not periodical therefore it is necessary to keep some stock. As a result of simulation, about 200 storage racks are required.



 They are planning to newly install warehouse or facility in this factory. The size of intermediate warehouse or stock warehouse is important. It affects much to the size of land and investment amount to facility.

① They were considering 1500 racks in the intermediate warehouse in the beginning however, as a result of simulation it was identified that about 600 racks are enough including to keep pallets.

② The number of racks required in the product storage warehouse are affected by the shipping timing therefore about 500 racks were expected. However, as a result of simulation of many cases, it was identified that about 200 racks were enough.








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