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Introduction of Company

Greetings from CEO

How are you?
We sincerely thank you very much for your visiting our homepage
We are a company specialized in software and system related to operation and control of production system.

Especially, we developed S-Prodis by concentrating on research and development in operation simulator of production system and it can be applicable to various industrial sites easily and rapidly than existing production system related to simulation products. S-Prodis will help our customer companies to directly utilize production system simulation which could not be easily accessed due to problems such as technology, cost, time, personnel, etc. even though it is urgently needed on site.

We will do our best effort for customer companies to reinforce their competitiveness with our production system operation simulation and consulting in rapidly changing fierce global competition environment

We promise you to do our best effort to satisfy our customers by positively acting in rapidly changing industrial environment and by focusing on creative product development in the age that the nation’s competitiveness and economic strength depend on the nation’s technical power.

We thank you again for all who visited our website and may I ask you to send us continued deep affection and interest in us in the future.


Chunkyung Song
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Company Overview

Company Name ESE Technology Co.,Ltd
CEO Chunkyung Song
Contents of Business

* Manufacturing Simulation & Developmenht of Control system

* Manufacturing Consulting

* Developmenjt of Mechatornics training kit and Contents                  

Address 201-702 Chunui Technopark 2th 202 Chunui-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
T E L 032-623-0900
FAX 032-623-0902

Company History

October: Developed ESEMM-MPS
August: First application of ESEMM-ASRS in automatic warehouse control training
July: Developed ESEMM-ASRS
April: Developed S/W supporting process design
October: Updated major functions of S-Prodis (VER7.0)
December: Updated major functions of S-Prodis (Developed S-Prodis V5 version)
August: Developed IBS (Intelligent building system) trainer
June: Launched production system operation simulation S/W “S-Prodis” (Exhibition in Japan)
November: Certified Technology Innovation type Small and Medium Business (INNO BIZ), venture business
November: Developed machine vision device using MIL
September: Started to develop production automation simulation S/W
June: Developed controller module for industry on the basis of microprocessor
April: Expanded and moved our office (Chunoei Technopark 2nd, Chunoei-dong, Bucheon city, Gyunggi-do, Korea)
November: Developed automatic warehouse (ASRS) simulator based on PLC
October: Developed SEMACON of semiconductor facility control practice device (On the basis of device net, motion control)
September: Developed conveyer system simulator based on PLC
December: Developed production system practice device (MINI-MPS) simulator
June: Developed controller-based automation production line simulation (Completed technology innovation task organized by Small and Medium Business Administration (Successful))
July: Developed control-based automation production line simulation
(Established technology innovation task organized by Small and Medium Business Administration)
April: Changed our company name to ESE Technology Co., Ltd.
March Expanded and moved our business place (Daeroong Technopark 7th, Gumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea)
August: Business partnership with Sun Technology Co., Ltd.
October: Business partnership with Pado Co., Ltd.
October: Manufactured domestic smallest FMS KIT
September: Business partnership with Japanese TACOMI Company
December: Opened regular VSC training course in the Human Resources Development Institute
November: Concluded contract to supply VSC in Korea with Tongil Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
July: Adopted VSC training text book by Human Resources Development Institute
May: Developed production system control and simulator VSC
February: Established business (ESE)



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