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Product S-Prodis

S-Prodis Effects

What is S-Prodis?

S-Prodis is the solution for the improvement of manufacturing line which can easily find the bottleneck of production line and support the improvement of line by simulation analysis data.S-PRODIS is no programming simulation tool, only setting parameters, so easy to operate and support you to improve the production line in short time.

S-Prodis Effects

&nbspUser can easily build the production line by using Process Editor and Layout Editor in short time , Many simulation parameter support you to simulate and analysis your production line. The following effects can be achieved through the analysis of various simulation results.

■ Improvement of productivity : Discovery and dissolutionof a bottleneck, improvement of an operating ratio

■ Line balancing : Discovery and improvement of prblem of process flow.

■ Effective arrangement of worker : Analysis of work efficiency and efficient deployment planning worker

■ Optimum Layout : Before the actual equipment placement and configuration "From to Chart" support using efficient Layout

■ Improvement of Lead time :Buffer functions by utilizing comprehensive features to improve troubleshooting and verification

■ Verification of scheduling : Verification and troubleshooting of delivery delay by 8 kinds of scheduling rules

■ Grasp of production amount : Judgment of initial volume at the time of planning-of-production establishment.

■ Reduction of stocks : Inventory reduction effect by grasping materials and parts of arrival time.

■ Utilization of flow equipment : Practical use of the efficient flow equipment(carrier) by the lot number , carrier number and carrier route.

■ Verifiation of CO2 reduction : CO2 reduction by the calculation function of the CO2 amount of equipments and factory.

■ Simplification of process desigh : Supproting the Creation of Flow chart of process information and process design time is shortened.


S-Prodis Functions

Process development and management - Process Editor -

 Process editor is a process design management tool to easily set and manage complicated process design such as joining process, branching process, etc. by visualizing it into a flow chart form. It can easily allocate facilities and set logistics equipment for process and it can response to various process forms such as lot change, individual send out within the lot, batch processing, etc.

<Process Editor Main Functions>

■ Functions to set process time, setup time, etc.

■ Functions to set joining process, branching process

■ Function to set lot size, quantity, unit

■ Automatic lot connection function with post-process.

■ Functions to allocate facilities and to set logistics equipment(carrier)

■ Function for automatic sorting of process

■ Function to set specific processes such as warehousing process, storage process, shipment process, etc.


Product Line & Worker Arrangment - Layout Editor -

It is a tool to create various layouts such as job shop, FMS, transfer line, etc. in the factory. Layout editor consists of a powerful GUI environment interface therefore it can rapidly and easily create production system layout.


<Layout Editor Main Functions>

■ Function to set layout of branching and merging process.

■ Function to set layout to interwork with each floor

  (Maximum 15 floors elevators/escalators function)

■ Function to set mixed logistics equipments(carriers)

■ Function to set various equipment modules and structures, etc.

■ Function to set conveyor mixed line

■ Setting worker moving path and others.

Simulation Functions - High performance Simulation Engine -

■ Simulation function to handle various processes

■ Production plan, scheduling simulation function

■ Various Simulation function for setting equipment(machine)

■ Various Simulation function for setting workers

■ Various Simulation function for logistics equipments(carriers)

■ Function to set speed and duration of simulation



S-Prodis Analysis

 Analysis Data

■ Production performance

■ Operation time chart per equipment(machine)

■ Equipment operation graph per day

■ Process performance Gantt Chart

■ Equipment(machine) utilization rate/Failure rate graph

■ Logistics equipment(carrier) utilization rate/failure rate graph

■ Buffer status graph

■ From-to-chart, active relationship graph

■ Daily worker performance graph

■ Performance Gantt Chart per worker

■ Warehouse input/output and status graph

■ Others

Function to calculate and compare CO2 emission

It is environment handling function and it is a tool to calculate and compare CO2 emission. If you store the results per each simulation then you can check how much CO2 emission you can reduce according to production condition.



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