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ESEMM Features

What is ESEMM ?

 It is a next generation training system to be able to control training by implementing mechatronics training equipment on PC and by connecting it with actual I/O terminal block and various controllers (PLC, MICOM, PC, etc.).If you use ESEMM then you can effectively conduct existing mechatronics training in low cost.

ESEMM Features

■ It can be used for mechatronics control training

    Almost the same as real movement according to the signal of controller.

■ Reality

   Provides the same 3D screen as the video taken H/W

   Provides sound effect meeting each situation

■ Easy to monitor desired location and specific part

   Easy to change view point

   Function to hide structure and facility

■ Low price

   1/3~ 1/10 price comparing with existing H/W

   Improves participation in training by enabling to practice with one equipment per each person

■ No cost for H/W, A/S and maintenance

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ESEMM Structure

ESEMM system consists of actual equipments (Devices, sensor, motor, control panel, terminal block, PLC) such as virtual equipment, smart IO and PLC to existing equipment as follows.


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ESEMM EWffects

■ Consumer aspects-training aspects

    Solves spatial constraint

    Relieves price burden

    Possible for training 1 person with 1 equipment

    Possible to train various equipments

   Solves safety problem and H/W and A/S problems

■ Flexible access to market

    Easy to access without expert knowledge for virtual machine

   Easy to go to world market because it is not affected by kinds and models of controllers

■ Synergy effect and differentiation in conjunction with system control and operation after entering into the market

    시장 진입 후 시스템제어 및 운영과 연계하여 후발 업체와 차별화


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ESEMM Sereis

ESEMM-ASRS (AS/RS system training kit)

- 1. Virtualization of practice equipments of AS/RS

Major components

- Input part: Sends pallets of magazine using pneumatic cylinder

- Storage warehouse (Rack structure): Storage racks of 5 bays and 3 tiers structure

- Stacker crane (S/C): Moves to bays (X) axis, tiers (Y) axis, fork (Z) axis through DC motor control.


Training details

- Possible for control practice training from beginner to advanced including I/O devices for various industrial purposes

- It is a training equipment to be able to practice to AS/RS system therefore it is good for advanced control application practice

- Practice to control operation and to control position of address/stage/fork using mounted sensors

- Stacker crane(S/C) moves address (X) axis, stage (Y) axis, fork (Z) axis through DC motor control

- Practice for automatic warehouse control using various control devices (PLC, micro processor)

Input/output signals

- Input signals: Total 36 signals

- Output coil: Total 25 output coils


ESEMM-miniMPS(Automation equipment training kit)

- 2. Virtualization of miniMPS used as an equipment to verify industrial engineer for mechatronics

- Possible to realize the same operation as actual miniMPS and it consists of the same 6 processes

- Develops application technology by complexly building various control factors

- Various built-in control components including not only qualification test but also mechanical, electrical, electronic factors

Major configuration

- Supply : supplies workpieces using cylinder

- Inspection: : Decides workpieces using proximity sensor (High frequency oscillating type/capacitive type)

- Stopper: : Transfer and stop the workpieces using cylinder

- Absorption transfer : Absorption and transfer of workpieces using 2 cylinders and vacuum absorption pad.

- Conveyer : Transfers workpieces by driving conveyer belt using motor

- Loading part : The process to store workpieces by absorbing and transferring


Contents of training

- Practice operation principle and partial control of material supply machine

- Training on work detection and sensor characteristics using various sensors

- Understanding mechanical operation principle of training equipment and practice in connection with application

- Operation practice of various control factors using pneumatic components and electric motor


ESEMM-Conveyor system (Conveyor system training kit)

- 3. Virtualization of conveyer system to be used as practical skill verification equipment for production automation

- Possible to realize the same operation with actual conveyer system and it consists of the same 5 processes

- Develop application technology by complexly building various control components

- Built-in control factors including not only qualification test but also mechanical, electrical, electronic components

Major configuration

- Supply: Supply workpiece using cylinder

- Drill processing: Workpiece processing process (Drill hole process)

- Input section: The process to supply the processed workpiece on the conveyer

- Conveyer: Transfers workpiece by driving conveyer belt using motor

- Inspection section: Decides workpiece using proximity sensor (High frequency generating type/Capacitive type), photo sensor

- Ejecting section: The process to eject workpiece determined in the inspection section

Training content

- Operation principle and partly control practice of material supplier

- Work detection practice and sensor characteristic practice using various sensors

- Understanding mechanical operational principle and application practice of practice equipments

- Practice to drive various control components using pneumatic components and electric motor

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