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Key point


  ESE Technology solves various problems of your factory. !!

S-Prodis Product


S-Prodis helps to identify the causes of various problems which occur in production line by visualizing through simulation. It is a production support solution tool which can verify the improvement of discovered causes through simulation.

S-Prodis can easily implement the product site on a computer using graphic UI in the modules of layout editor and process editor. A production management person can directly use the simulation by easily learning by setting parameters without programming.


Consulting Service

ESE technology is consulting specialized in the production system. You can realize productivity improvement in a short time through various simulations by building your production system on a computer.

ESEMM Product


ESEMM implemented mechatronics training equipment on the PC. However control part consists of actual I/O terminal block therefore it is a next generation training system to control by connecting with various controllers (PLC, MICOM, PC, etc.).

If ESEMM is used, you can effectively train as various mechatronics control training equipment without spatial constraints in low cost.





Participation in Changwon Smart Factory Conference & Expo (9.5~9.7)
Participation in Smart Factory + Automation World 2018(3.28~3.30) in Coex
2017.04.03 Participation in the spring conference of The Korea Society for Simulation.
Development of S-Prodis CPS version.
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